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At tide – together in dementia everyday, we firmly believe that carers and former carers are the true agents of sustainable change. We unlock their skills and confidence by investing in them through our Cheap Phentermine 37.5Mg Tablets and through the collective voice of our UK wide involvement network. Carers use their lived experiences to influence communities, society, health and social care organisations, research and policy development.

We do this because carers make up the largest dementia workforce (44%) and they contribute £11.6bn to the care economy every year. Working with carers of people with dementia as equal partners leads to better outcomes for people with dementia and carers and enables staff to do a better job.

We believe that carers lived experience and voice should be equally respected, valued, heard and acted upon as equal partners alongside professionals.

Members of the tide UK wide involvement network are given opportunities to use their skills gained from the Development Programme to make a positive change through connecting with other carers, and former carers, using their collective voice to bring about real change.

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