Become a volunteer

If you are a carer or former carer for someone living with dementia, you are an expert by experience. We need experts like you to join our movement.

To carry out our vital work of improving the lives of carers like you and those people that you care for across the country, we need you to volunteer and get involved.

Many of our volunteers are carers, or former carers, who we have supported through our Carer Development Programme. Nobody understands the pressures and difficulties of caring for someone living with dementia better than a carer who has experienced that unique journey.

Volunteering with us is a rewarding way of making a difference. It’s an opportunity to find your voice, channel your experiences as a carer into something positive, and make a meaningful change.

Volunteers can carry out a number of roles, depending on their interests and experience. This may include speaking at workshops and conferences or being involved in training professional staff or participating in research. We offer a development programme to ensure that you will always be comfortable and confident in your role. Of course, if you don’t want to take on such a role there is no obligation but you may want to encourage other carers to do so or perhaps provide a different way of supporting tide with your personal or work experience or help with fundraising.

We value the time and experience of all our volunteers and ensure all expenses (such as travel, accommodation, or caring costs) are paid for when they represent tide.

Ready to get involved and champion our movement towards a better future for carers of people with dementia?

Get in touch today to learn more about our volunteering opportunities, and find the role that is right for you.