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We empower carers by recognising you as experts by experience. We will equip you with the tools and confidence to use your knowledge and experience in a positive way so that other carers can benefit from your strength, make your voice heard and bring about real change.

tide is a free network open to any carer, or former carer, of someone living with dementia. Each individual’s experience is valuable and welcomed and there are several ways in which you can be part of tide.

When you join tide you will be connected with our staff who will explain how tide works, including what our Where To Buy Phentermine 37.5 can offer, and discuss with you how you might want to get involved. They will offer advice and guidance before, during and after any engagement activity you undertake on behalf of tide, such as participating in an NHS working group or telling your story at a workshop. You can be as involved as you like, at whatever level interests you. Here are some examples:

  • Keeping Informed: Our newsletters, website and social media will keep you up to date with the network’s activities and opportunities to take action, as well as developments in dementia policy and practice.
  • Development Programme: Our bespoke development programme will give you the skills to use your caring experience constructively to influence change, empowering yourself and other carers.
  • Research: You can be involved in research in several ways, such as helping to shape proposals, giving feedback and advice during the research and as participants in the research itself.
  • Campaigning: Use your voice locally, regionally or nationally to raise awareness, campaign on specific issues and influence policy, practice and research.
  • Learning: Join our work streams on particular topics that interest you and that you want to find out more about.
  • Networking: Meet and keep in touch with new people who understand your experiences, adding your voice to theirs to create a powerful social movement.