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Through tide, carers of people living with dementia made their views known and ensured that their perspectives are strongly reflected in the consultation on the Welsh national dementia strategy, Together for a Dementia Friendly Wales 2017 – 2022.
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Musician and composer Holly Marland set up the Adages project to give people with dementia the chance to create a new and beautiful piece of music working with talented professional and student musicians.
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Phentermine 50 Mg

Tracy, supported by tide talks very eloquently and honestly about the challenges and frustrations of trying to navigate the health and care system.
Phentermine 30 Mg Purchase

Buy Phentermine Hydrochloride Tablets Usp 37.5 Mg

The Welsh government is drawing up its first strategy for dementia and we want to make sure it includes the needs of carers as well as those they care for.
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Phentermine 15 Mg Online

We need carers to take part in a national survey to have your say about better support. Please read on to see if you live in one of the areas nominated....
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Phentermine 15Mg Results

Free places available, to carers and people with dementia on the 13th of April to attend Dementia 2020 Implementing the Challenge.
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Where To Buy Phentermine 37.5 In Canada

Almost £1.4 million funding has been awarded to a social enterprise network that brings together unpaid carers of people with dementia. The funding will be used to support carers in Scotland to have a greater say in the day to day issues that affect them and those they care for.