Tide’s Carers Network Response to the draft Welsh National Dementia Friendly Wales 2017 – 2022

Through tide, carers of people living with dementia made their views known and ensured that their perspectives are strongly reflected in the consultation on the Welsh national dementia strategy, Together for a Dementia Friendly Wales 2017 – 2022. Working with local partners and building on conversations with individual carers and a group in Anglesey, tide organised three events for carers in North Wales in Anglesey, Gwynedd and Conwy, in partnership with Carers Outreach and Bangor University’s North Wales Dementia Network. This enabled 40+ carers to become actively involved in the consultation and for those carers, who were unable to attend the events many sent us their individual responses.

We have a growing tide membership in Wales and therefore took the opportunity afforded by the consultation on the draft strategy to gather views from members and other carers about what would make caring for those they look after easier, as well as how they might get involved locally and nationally in Wales to influence change.

We also had feedback that some carers did not feel they had had the opportunity to speak up about their own needs during the consultation, but rather these had been aligned with the needs of those they were caring for.