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About us

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is of a world where carers of people with dementia use their voices and society reflects and responds to their unique needs.

Our mission is to connect, mobilise and enable carers of people with dementia to recognise their own value and their contributions to society. We offer carers opportunities to use their individual and collective experiences of caring to influence policy and practice.

Our Values

Our values are the approach we take in everything we do.

  • Transparent

    We will be upfront, open and honest with ourselves and each other. To build trusting relationships we will share our rationale for decisions we make and the actions we take, even when this might be difficult to do.

  • Tenacious

    We will have the courage and resilience to remain dedicated to our social mission and have the humility to consider alternative ways of doing things where this will lead to a greater impact on improving people’s wellbeing.

  • Inclusive

    We will always value the diversity of perspectives, experiences, knowledge, skills, cultures and beliefs that people have to share and contribute in the pursuit of our social mission. We will ensure that all voices will be welcomed and all contributions recognised.

  • Empathetic

    We will aspire to always understand the feelings of everyone we work with so that they valued and respected.

Ultimately, tide is the force that unites the voices of carers of people living with dementia across the country, building a social movement of carers capable of bringing about real change.