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About us

Rebecca Ord

Digital Communications Officer (Scotland)

I am the Digital Communications Officer for tide in Scotland. I am responsible for all our communications in Scotland and managing our social media channels. I am committed to raising our profile and ensuring carers in Scotland know how tide can help them.

About Rebecca…

I have been working and volunteering within community arts with older people and people living with dementia. 

My role was dedicated to improving an individual’s emotional, social and physical well-being through a person-centred approach. I learned so much about the effects of dementia and how this can impact a person and those closest to them. I also became aware of how vital community support and services are for those affected by dementia. I connected with so many wonderful charities and community groups – it was their tireless efforts and support that made so much of my work possible!

I was quite young when my Granddad was diagnosed with vascular dementia. In learning more about this, I have been able to process how difficult and emotionally draining this must have been for my Grandma and my dad. I realise how much my Grandma must have dealt with alone.

I am passionate about contributing towards a more inclusive society that provides safe spaces and support networks for those affected by dementia.

I am excited to be on board with tide; an organisation that is changing the way we approach dementia care and support. I am proud to say I work for an organisation that is offering a platform for the voices that too often go unheard.