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About us

Micheál McLaughlin

Training and Development Manager

As Training and Development Manager I am responsible for the promotion, selling and delivery of our training offer across the UK, updating existing and develop new training products to meet emerging market needs. As a strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial approach, our training offer will meet high quality standards, in line with our value base. At the heart of all our work will be carers, the ‘Experts by Experience’. As valued contributors they are essential to identifying gaps, the development of materials, and having an active voice, to reach and support all carers through their unique experiences.

About Micheál…

I have worked in health and social care for almost a decade. I began my career as a health care professional in an independent hospital for people living with dementia at the later stages. Through dedication and hard work I was promoted several times within the hospital, and, thereafter, promoted to a central team within the organisation to support development of all dementia services nationally. Whilst working, I undertook a full time qualification graduating as an Occupational Therapist.

My grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s not long after I started my career in healthcare. I supported my grandfather, and family, through the progression of his condition and his end of life. My own personal experience both professionally and in the support I provided for my grandfather and family has caused me to understand, first-hand, how underrepresented carers are. I joined tide in 2019 because their ethos and mission statement aligned with my own personal beliefs, drive, and passion as to how we create a better dementia support system: with individuals at the heart of all decisions and developments made both locally and nationally.