Carers Rights Day 2017: Shining a light on carers rights

On Carers Rights Day, November 24th – we will be shining a light on the experiences of carers for people with dementia and underlining why carers rights are central to everything they do.

Dementia is increasingly being viewed as having a rights-based dimension. This has a number of benefits, including greater legal protection, entitlement to support, and a positive cultural shift in recognising the true cost of dementia and in particular a more accurate reflection of the cost on those caring for a person with dementia in their families.  Despite this, many carers are unaware of their rights and how to exercise them as individuals in their own right.

There are 700,000 friends and family are caring for a person with dementia (Alzheimers Research 2015) and this is expected to rise to 908,700 by 2030.  Family carers are the biggest workforce in dementia care – providing 44% of the total cost of care and saving the economy about £11b per year.
Despite this, there is little recognition or acknowledgement of the true cost of caring on carers as individuals themselves.  Research shows that caring for a person with dementia has a detrimental impact on carer’s health and wellbeing, including their physical, psychological, emotional and economic state as their caring role continues.
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