Well, here we are – Week heaven only knows what….and Lock down is becoming like a favourite piece of clothing….I’m quite liking it, in many ways, not so much in others, but life is a roller-coaster when living with dementia.
Our lives continue at this gentler pace. We have adapted to the new normal – we have had to as realistically, we are going to be here for some time to come. Fortunately, Mike and I are best friends, and always have been – dementia has not taken that from us. We have done a lot of travelling and working overseas, so we are very used to spending a great deal of time together, during stressful and uncertain events. Thank goodness.

The internet is really coming into its own. We have now been able to participate in long chats, games and quizzes with our various groups and friends and it has been such an important release for us both. As time goes on, more events are becoming available too. Sadly, it can’t replace some things – being able to give (and receive a hug) – and we can’t go on holiday. This weekend we should have been off to a cottage in my home county; we didn’t get away last year, so this has been a hard knock. But…we got one of our old photo albums out, from past travels…..

Meanwhile, at home, Lock down has brought a catalogue of minor disasters. Things have been breaking and failing around us, with startling frequency. It started with the washing machine the day that lock down was announced – I think it took things personally and emoted all over the kitchen floor! Water everywhere….Very fortunately our local repairman took pity on us and came and fixed it that day….we could distance appropriately.
This was followed by the kettle – which also decided to leak. Fortunately spotted before it was switched on. The new one arrived the next day, thanks to Amazon Prime .
Next on the list – the vacuum cleaner. Despite not being a fan of housework, I do rather like my vacuum cleaner – especially since we have dogs and their hair…but the vac decided this would be a great time to stop picking up. Taking it apart did not reveal the cause, and so, it has been consigned to the pile of stuff now needing to go to the local re-cycling place. The new vacuum cleaner took a few days to reach us – and now I know the old one was slacking for quite a while.

Life continued its new, quieter, way for a few weeks – and I gradually realised that the landline phone was not working reliably. The sound was becoming garbled and I thought I needed my hearing tested, but then it began cutting out or refusing to connect…so that has now been replaced. At around the same time, we realised that the doorbell never rang when we had a delivery. This has never previously been a problem as the dogs are very good at warning us of visitors approaching , but since Covid, Flash has decided (since we are always at home) to retire, and Pippa only joined in to support him! The new doorbell duly arrived, and I spent a happy half hour, running through the choices of ring tones and tunes – including bagpipes and accordions! Too many choices are the bane of my life, but I also realised that it would have be a traditional bell if Mike were to recognise it. All good. Very satisfying getting those things sorted.
Just completed that job – and noticed we had a leak from the tap on the bathroom sink. Closer inspection revealed a faulty washer – and I already knew the integral waste was a bit dodgy, so time for a new tap – and hope the easing of the lockdown measures means I can get a plumber to fit it.

And then the new phone rang – I didn’t know which gadget the sound was coming from! Took me a minute to recognise it as the phone. And late that same day the doorbell rang and it was so loud we both jumped out of our skins!

And the latest? The washing machine has done it again.


Thanks to Liz Brooks for part 2, part 1 can be read here.