Dementia Dekh Bhaal – Community Launch

On 16th July 2018 we will be hosting a community launch for Dementia Dekh Bhaal. Dementia Dekh Bhaal, part of tide – together in dementia everyday aims to begin to give south Asian carers of people with dementia a voice, and a platform to talk about their experiences as carers and former carers.


“This project is important because we know from studies that many mainstream dementia services are not fit for purpose and do not meet the needs of diverse communities. We also know that carers from the south Asian often struggle on and only reach out for help, if at all, when a crisis is upon them. It is important that south Asian carer voices are heard, but crucially that their needs are met by those who plan and commission dementia services.” Shahid Mohammed, Project Manager


The launch event will take place at the St Andrew’s Methodist Church, Rochdale (see here for a map) and contact Project Manager Shahid on for more information or to attend.