Useful links

Here’s some helpful links for carers of people living with dementia, former carers, or anyone who wants to understand dementia a little more.

  • Dementia UK

    Dementia UK: One to one support and advice for families from an Admiral Nurse

    Admiral Nursing Direct Helpline 0800 888 6678

  • Dementia Carers Count

    A charity for family carers of people with dementia and the dementia and carer communities.

  • Alzheimers Society

    Alzheimer’s Society: Learn more about dementia, and how to access support.

  • Join Dementia Research

    Join Dementia Research is a national service which allows people to register their interest in dementia research and be matched with potentially suitable research studies. People with dementia, their carers and anyone interested in participating in dementia research can register.

  • DEEP

    DEEP, The Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project: An organisation working to give a voice to people living with dementia in the UK.

  • Gov.UK Dementia: News, policy papers and updates on what the UK Government is doing in relation to dementia.