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Your stories

Linda's Poem

A 2020 Christmas

Sending love to all who share our story, and I really do hope that you have the best Christmas you can.
Never has a Christmas
Felt like this before
Staying safe v having fun
Keeping to the law
Talk of family bubbles
Missing out on others
No big family get togethers
Cousins, uncles, brothers
Vaccines, tests and numbers
Dictating what we do
Amazon or high street
Depends on point of view
No party in the office
Most are working home
Probably a quiz instead
Or zoom call on your phone
Standard advent preparations
Fayres, and carol singing
Booking in advance for church
Will the bells be Ringing?
Missing out on good times
Clouded by a fear
Pubs for many shut again
No chance of festive cheer
A sad time for so many
And Covid has been cruel
Health and wealth are challenged
The consequences duel
It’s hard to send a Christmas rhyme
That’s full of joy and cheer
Wishing all a Merry time
And still sound I’m sincere
But now there’s hope
When this years done
‘Normal’ may return
A promise of a future
And lessons we should learn
What’s important, matters most,
Isn’t wrapped in tinsel
It’s love, kindness and nature
The values we must instil
I wish you Merry Christmas
And mean the words I say
May you hug your loved ones soon
When the virus is at bay
Twenty Twenty won’t be
Thought of fondly
By most of us I’m sure
But we’ve seen everyday heroes
That have touched us to the core
I hope that everyone of you
Has better luck next year
And twenty twenty one
Will bring optimism here

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