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Linda's Poem

It's In The Name

Young onset dementia

What does it really mean?

How old is young in any case

‘Old’ is how dementia’s seen.

Dementia or Depression?

Aren’t they both the same?

Not sure that I understand

Something wrong inside the brain?

Strange signs and symptoms

Often even doctors fail to spot

Stress, bereavement, mental health

Misdiagnosis occurs a lot.

What chance then has Joe Public

To recognise the trouble

He looks completely normal

It’s hard to fathom out his struggle

Getting lost, loosing keys

Not necessarily the case

Difficulty doing things

More likely in its place

Understanding, speech and time

Sometimes is a factor

Change in personality

Another odd distractor

Is Alzheimer’s the same thing?

People often say

The umbrella of dementia

A concept to portray .

Getting across the message

These folk are working age

And everyone is different

Depends on type and stage

Usually rarer

There are many different kinds

Depending on where the damage is

There are different signs.

The brain a multi complex organ

Makes us who we are

When parts of it are damaged

It leaves more than a scar.

Progressive, it can not yet be cured

The journey’s often long.

Slowly the brain simply shrinks away

But the body still stays strong.

Often there are children

And mortgages to pay

Spouses turn to Carer’s

Expectations drain away.

Young onset dementia I’m afraid

Doesn’t get great recognition

But I will keep on fighting hard

Increasing awareness of this condition.

 Thanks to Linda Barnes for sharing her story. You can read Linda’s blog here.

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