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Your stories

Liz's Poem

Frankie and the Wave

An introduction to Liz and Frankie:

Frankie and I have been married for 51 years, we have two sons and they are Chris who is 50 and Paul is 49 ( quick of the mark)! Chris lives in Somerset and is the dad to our two our much loved granddaughters who are Poppy 22 and Tilly 18 and Paul lives in Glengormley, close to us.

When the girls were small Frankie went over to look after them when needed and at midterm and holidays he went over and brought them back to us. Grandad’s stories were very important to the girls and “The wave that waved no more” was their favourite. I hope you get my meaning in using Frankie’s story in this little poem for tide

Frankie has Lewy Bodies Dementia and very recently moved into residential care for the first time, after an extended period in hospital. Before this Liz cared for Frankie in their home. Liz has written several poems about her experience as a carer.

He told our girls the stories and the one they liked the best,
Was the one about a little wave it was different from the rest.
It started in an ocean where the waves are big and strong,
And it was all about the journey this little wave was on.
He told about the creatures the little wave would meet,
And the fun the wave had chasing them playing hide and seek.
The dolphins were his best friends for they could dive and sing,
But the sharks could be quite scary but it didn’t bother him.
The day that he first spotted land he wondered what to do,
But the wave he had to go and check for this was something new.
He joined a group of other waves that are known as the TIDE,
And they spent their days together dancing side by side.
The little wave was feeling brave and splashed up on the beach,
The TIDE had turned and they were gone totally out of reach.
The little wave could wave no more and so this story ends,
But the TIDE was back the very next day looking for their friend.
The man who told this story is like our little wave,
A Grandad to the little girls who knew that he was brave.
But TIDE for us keeps coming back to help us be as one,
To talk about our loved ones and all that can be done.
So think about the little wave and where he had to start,
For we can be TOGETHER even though we’re far apart.
The TIDE it comes and goes each day and we have to do the same,
And that’s the best that we can do for there’s no one we can blame.

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