Measuring Our Success And Sharing The Learning!

As we move forward with developing tide and extending our reach across the UK, we are interested in understanding what works well, when it does work well, how we can replicate it and what needs to change and improve.  This will be an ongoing process of continual improvement and learning.

Crucially, we want to know how investing in creating a development infrastructure for former and current carers of people living with dementia will result in them feeling more empowered and confident to be actively involved in dementia policy, research and practice. In turn, we also want to learn what the necessary conditions are for organisations, networks and other partners to be more receptive and willing to work with carers of people living with dementia as equal partners.

Following a competitive tendering process to find an external evaluation partner, we are delighted to announce that the contact has been awarded to ARC Research and Consultancy Ltd.

ARC provides an experienced team of researchers who have a successful track record in using a range of both quantitative and qualitative methodologies when undertaking evaluations from small scale community projects to national programmes.  They have extensive expertise in the field of dementia and more specifically working with carers of people living with dementia.

We are looking forward to working with the ARC team and sharing the results of our learning as we continue to grow and develop tide.