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My Home Matters

Home: where you live, especially with your family

We wanted to know from older people who had some memory loss what ‘home’ meant to them.   The things that they told us were important to them were personal but also had a lot in common. It was very clear that our sense of who we are is tied up with our ideas about ‘home’.

We know that having to move when we’re older, and especially when our memories are not working so well, can be quite traumatic. We also know that if we have prepared for this eventuality, then any move is much less of an upheaval. So this project has been designed to help you to think about the importance of ‘home’ to you.

Living independently in our own homes for as long as we can is important to most of us. Sometimes changes or adaptations can be made to enable us to stay in our homes. This project is about planning ahead, keeping in mind what is important to you.

We have developed this workbook to help you. You can access this by signing up with your email address.

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