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New Job Opportunity - would you apply?

Dementia Carer Person Spec

Looking for a new challenge in life? How about a job as a family carer of someone with dementia. You don't need to apply it can happen at any stage in life.

Job Description 

Salary:  - £0 / 0.40p p/h

Hours : - Full time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

Holiday entitlement:  - None

Sick pay:  - None

Pension:  - None

Other Workplace Benefits  - none



To provide care 24/7 for someone with dementia .

May include but not limited to help with washing, dressing , toileting,

Deal with all matters of finance, banking, benefits, bill paying etc

Arrange and oversee and transport to all medical appointments

 Sort prescriptions and administer medication   

Act as an advocate in all financial, legal, health matters

Arrange days out and activities and arrange transport

Provide daily activities within the home

Shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, gardening, building maintenance, general DIY, and all other domestic duties.

Ensure all health and safety considerations are considered at all times, both in the home and outside

Basic first aid skills required

Must be able to give advice regularly in a non-judgemental way 

Other duties as and when necessary


Essential Criteria:

Kindness in abundance

Hugely empathetic

Endless patience

Good sense of humour

Ability to problem solve

Calm in a crisis

Must be able to carry out duties even when not well yourself

Ability to drive and car owner preferred



There are at least 700,000 carers of people with dementia in the UK

Would you apply? This is the reality of thousands of unpaid family carers.

We want carers to have better rights! Join tide to make a difference for the lives of carers. Together we are stronger.  

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