Northern Ireland update Dec 2020


tide carers have continued to contribute to the on-going discussions of visiting and care partners as part of the visiting policies of care homes. New guidance was issued on 12 November and reflects the views of carers, including tide carers, specifically in how it could be implemented and monitored.
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tide carers were interviewed for the Campaign to End Loneliness Report. tide are cited as one of the organisations who helped to facilitate engagement. The report was widely covered by the local media and Sinead Bradley, chair of the All Party Group on Loneliness opened the launch event.

“I’m used to being married… now I’m completely on my own. This person I’m living with is not the person I married. There is no affection. It’s like having a stranger in the house. How do you cope with that?”

“When my wife moved into the nursing home it was like experiencing a death – I felt so empty and lonely on the inside. I never thought I would experience this emptiness since my wife left, I never bothered much with friends as my wife was the social butterfly and she arranged everything.”

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tide have signed a letter for a loneliness strategy in Northern Ireland. It was signed by over 70 public, community and voluntary sector organisations.

“We have seen first-hand the devastating impact of loneliness on the population in Northern Ireland and know how difficult it is to tackle loneliness without dedicated action across society. While some groups may be at increased risk of becoming lonely – for example, those in ill health, carers, older people, parents, people who have been bereaved and children and adults experiencing poverty – loneliness affects people of all ages and from all backgrounds. It can begin in childhood and lead to chronic loneliness lasting into adulthood. Overall, one in five people in Northern Ireland report feeling lonely always or often, which represents nearly 380,000 local people. Our message is clear: the time for stepping up action on tackling loneliness is now. In this context, we are calling for the development of a bespoke and fully resourced Northern Ireland Loneliness Strategy, which should be designed on a cross-departmental basis”

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tide carer Judy  spoke at an event ‘Carers Rights in Northern Ireland: during and beyond the pandemic’ organised by the Coalition of Carer Organisations

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The image on the page is from Judy about being a carer