Our Research

The tide network is a diverse wide range of carers of people living with dementia from different communities across the UK, all with a variety of experience and knowledge.

We regularly work with universities and Government to offer them an insight in to the world of a carer of a person living with dementia.  The research projects we are involved in, are usually oriented towards getting expert feedback from carers on how local services can be designed and improved to enable more carers to carry on caring for the person living with dementia in their community.

But increasingly we have carers helping to design the research project itself, sit on Steering Groups, help with recruitment of researchers and importantly, spreading the news of results to put research in to practice. This demonstrates that carers are treated as equals and their unique experience is valued.

The results help service planners and commissioners, locally, regionally and UK wide, make informed decisions about dementia care, taking into account the unique needs and requirements of carers of people living with dementia.

tide is here to influence decision makers and campaign for change in policy and practice.  To ensure this happens it is essential that carers of people living with dementia have an equal voice and these voices are heard.