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Practical Carers

We have collaborated with Cognihealth to bring you webinars all about dementia care. These webinars cover common issues or topics related to dementia care. We now have a Practical Carers focus group which aims to give practical guidance on how to approach dementia care. Please check out events page for the latest details.


This webinar covers sleep problems, what causes the sleep disturbances and tips and products that can help you sleep better with dementia.

You can watch the recordings of the webinars here:

Dementia and Sleep

Sundowning Strategies


What we eat and how we eat impacts how we feel and our physical health. Staying hydrated is equally important. This video covers how the relationship with food can change for a person living with dementia, why this could happen and some helpful tips, interventions and products that could help.

You can watch the webinar here:

Dementia: Eating and Nutrition