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Scottish Carers' Events Programme

We are delivering a programme of online events for carers living in Scotland. This has been funded by the Scottish Government to expand on our work and deliver more direct support to carers. From webinars focusing on practical caring solutions to more informal social events for those who want to meet other carers.

Week 6

  1. Getting Your Point Across: March 15th 2PM-3PM
    The caring system can be hard to navigate! Join us for this session to get some Scotland-specific advice on how you can get the support, services, and help you need.
  2. Scotland Coffee Morning: March 17th 10.30AM-11.30AM
    Come and meet our lovely group of carers living in Scotland for a chat at our relaxed coffee morning
  3. Influencing as a Group Webinar: March 17th 10.30AM-11.30AM
    Want to make a change? Our voices are stronger together! Come along to this webinar to find out how you can your voice can create the biggest impact.

Week 7

  1. Scotland Coffee Morning: March 22nd 10.30AM-11.30AM
    Come and meet our lovely group of carers living in Scotland for a chat at our relaxed coffee morning!
  2. You Can't Pour from an Empty Cup: March 23rd 1.30PM-3PM
    Your well-being as a carer matters! Come along for some advice on how to prioritise your own happiness.
  3. Capturing Life Stories Webinar: March 24th 11AM-12PM
    Life Story Work is the process of stimulating and capturing people’s stories about what matters to them – in the past, present and the future. A better understanding of a person makes for better care & quality of life!

Week 8

  1. Scotland Coffee Morning with Martin Stepek – Managing Loneliness: March 29th 10.30AM-11.30AM
    Come along to our final coffee morning with guest Martin Stepek! Being a carer can be an isolating experience which has only been worsened by the pandemic. When you are so busy caring for someone else it can be hard to find the time to socialise. Martin will talk to us about how to manage feelings of loneliness - plus you get to meet lots of other carers.
  2. Setting Up a Group Webinar: March 29th 10.30AM-12PM
    Never under-estimate the power of a collective! Building connections with people who share similar experiences to you can be invaluable. Together, you can provide support for one another and start the process of real change!
  3. Living Grief and Bereavement: March 31st 10.30AM-12PM
    Feelings of grief and bereavement are understood when there has been a death. But what about when the person is still living? Come along to learn how to acknowlege and manage these feelings.

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