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You can help amplify the Front of Mind Campaign

You can help amplify the Front Of Mind campaign by inviting your local MP to the parliamentary launch!

We are running a joint campaign with Roche: Front of Mind. Our aim is to put carers' needs at the heart of dementia care by improving diagnosis rates and introducing a proper dementia pathway. We are calling for the following changes:

  • For greater awareness and understanding of dementia
  • For people living with dementia and their carers to be more involved in policy decisions that affect them
  • For clinical pathways to be clear and supportive through-out a diagnosis and beyond
Read about Hazel's experience trying to get a diagnosis for her husband with vascular dementia and her fight to find the support she needed. Her story is one of many that can be found here. Families' deserve a timely diagnosis and a proper dementia pathway. 

Here's how you can help move this campaign forward...

In conjunction with Roche, we have organised a parliamentary event to launch the Front of Mind campaign. The event will take place on Tuesday 7 June, and will share the report recently developed by York Health Economics Consortium at the University of York which analyses the links between deprivation and dementia and explores the disparities faced by communities across the UK. Have a read of the report here: "Levelling Up Dementia Diagnosis".

The event will also provide an opportunity for MPs to learn more about the impact of poor diagnosis rates in their local constituencies, and hear from unpaid carers from the tide network about their own experiences of dementia and caring.

To ensure that the event is attended by as many MPs as possible – and ultimately drives change for people with dementia and unpaid carers.

We want you to ask your own local MP to attend this event and have attached a template below for you to send to your local MP, across the 4 nations. 

Many of you would have had the opportunity to attend a recent workshop run by Incisive Health and have contributed to our new Influencing Toolkit.  The toolkit will be shared with members who are interested in taking a more active role in our influencing work at a national or local level.  

We would suggest the following process for tailoring and sending the letter:

  1. Use the Parliament website here to identify who your local MP is, their preferred salutation, and their email address
  2. Copy and paste the contents of this letter into an email, remembering to include the smallprint at the bottom and to include the salutation of your MP and your own name
  3. Use the subject line: Constituent invitation: Carers’ Week parliamentary event on unmet need in dementia 
  4. Copy the Incisive Health team into your email at, who will be able to support with any responses and follow-up

Need some guidance? Find your local MP by with our Polimapper tool

It includes statistics on dementia in your local area (England only) and an accompanying template letter and draft tweets. 

Front of Mind is a joint campaign by Roche Products Ltd and tide. Roche funded the development of the campaign collateral and branding. Roche has not had direct involvement or editorial control in the development of this website content.