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Carers response to the Health and Social Care Reforms

We ask carers what they thought of the announcement on the 7th of September about the proposed reforms to the social care bill. , There was no mention of unpaid carers by Boris Johnson in his announcement, which is only about the costs of care; carers are expected to just get on with it. Family or unpaid carers make up 44% of the dementia workforce

Their main concerns included 

  • unpaid/family carers were not recognised but assumed would carry on the job when questioned
  • seriously disappointed that the apparent 'new' money for social care won't kick in for another 3 years
  • that carers want assurances the money will be ring-fenced for social care - past record does not instil confidence
  • what about the here and now with a very broken social care system. In 3 years time there may be nothing left as staff leave in their droves and not to the NHS - be realistic that care workers have been denied professional training (to the same level as NHS) so very few will be transferring to NHS jobs as they do not have the qualifications

It is time for the government to recognise the job unpaid carers do, they are propping up the health and social care system and have yet to be mentioned. 

"It is time for the government to recognise the job unpaid carers do"

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