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Your Stories

At tide, we want unpaid carers to be recognised & valued

It is our mission to ensure that the needs of carers are recognised and their contribution is valued. We believe in the power of sharing your story, so everyone can understand what it takes to care for a loved one with dementia.

How to tell your story?

You can share via a written piece, a poem, a story or simply film yourself on a phone. We can also set up a recording session via Zoom.

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"Every Carer’s Journey is Different But We All Come From the Same Place." - Hazel's Story

When I think about myself when my husband was first diagnosed, I was completely lost. I never would have imagined that I would be where I am now.

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"Would you ever put your mum in a nursing home?" Steve's Story

“Would you ever put your mum in a nursing home?” I was once asked, very tentatively! I think the person who questioned me was surprised by my response; “if mum’s safety was ever compromised or I couldn’t meet her needs of course I would”.

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'"Well, he's got dementia..." That was my diagnosis.' - Hazel's Story

“When I asked what was wrong, the doctor just said ‘well, he’s got dementia’ and left me there… That was my diagnosis.”

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'It's Generational Thing!' - Lesley's Story

Lesley Aitkenhead wrote a piece about her experience as a carer and other carers' experiences.

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Looking after someone with dementia and working full time

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'Our Care System is Broken' - Susan's Story

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'I lost another little bit of Mum' - Anne's Story

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'Not being able to see each other is a huge loss' -Mary's Story

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The battle for a diagnosis - Linda's Story

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'Each year you grieve for the life you should have had' - Ray's Story

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Hayley & her Dad Restore relations

'Would your dad not be better in a care home?' - Hayley's Story

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'Did I let my mum down?' - Doreen's Story

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'I needed to look after myself too' - Bernard's Story

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Covid, Care Homes and Lockdown - Natasha's Story

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'If I don’t know how can I best care for him?' - Lynn's Story

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Ansa's Story

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Dewan's Story

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Tahir's Story

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The identity I didn't ask for - Natasha's Story

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'My distress at not being able to fix things for mum' - Julia's Story

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'Who cares for me?' - John's Story

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'This is me' - Ray's Story

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Janis's Story

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'Losing and finding me' - Alison's Story

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'I had no one to turn to' - Frank's Story

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'I had no other life, nothing' - Roy's Story

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'The dementia steadily progressed and it became so difficult' - Sue's Story

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