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Carers Rights Day


This year's theme for Carers Rights Day is 'Know your rights as an unpaid carer'. Carers Rights Day is a national campaign that brings organisations together to help unpaid carers know their rights and find out how to get the support they are entitled to.

Here at tide, this is something we strongly believe in.  With carers, we have developed the Carers Development Programme ensuring carers have all the tools to make sure they get everything they are entitled to as a carer.

It is your human right, as laid out in the Equality Act,

Carers have the right not to be discriminated against as a result of their caring role and “association” with a disabled person.

When you join tide we give a platform to your voice and ultimately make you as a carer feel empowered.

Join one of our free courses on the Carer Development Programme 

Take a look at all our events including coffee morning and carer groups where you can connect with other carers 

Take a look at our resources page where you can find out more about your different rights.

Join our closed Facebook group, where other carers can advise you on what they have found 

Join us as a member to get access to the top 10 tips for caring, as written by other carers  

Know your rights as an unpaid carer #CarersRightsDay

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