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Coronavirus Action Day - 1st March

On Monday 1 March, we’re standing with Alzheimer's Society, John’s Campaign, and Dementia UK for Coronavirus Action Day, to remember the lives of those with dementia we’ve lost and recognise the emotional impact of the pandemic on carers of people with dementia. From lack of care home visits to support services being withdrawn, this cannot be allowed to happen again. Show your support by downloading this image and sharing it on your social media and with your friends.

Contact your MP

Write to your MP to ask them to stand with you. You can find your local MP here: England Wales  Scotland Northern Ireland 

How have carers of people with dementia been affected?

Read the press release  Watch Hazels' s story Read Linda's blogs Read Mary's story Watch Jackie's story   Tell us your story, use the hashtag #CoronavirusActionDay and share on social media Find out more email  

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