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Covid-19 dementia social care study

Covid-19 national social service closure study Together with researchers at the University of Liverpool, and many other social care and social support organisations, we are looking at how the lives of older people, people with dementia, and unpaid carers are affected by the closure of social support services due to Corona virus.  These might include social clubs you usually attend, groups, peer support events and meetings as well as social care services such as day care, respite or home care. Because of the Corona virus situation, the government has imposed severe restrictions onto our everyday lives, particularly for vulnerable population groups. As a result, older people, people with dementia, and unpaid carers are likely to struggle getting the social support they need. This study is running until the end of September, and involves completing a survey either online or over the phone with one of our researchers at three time points (Week 1, Week 6, and Week 12). In the survey, you will be asked to enter details on the types of social support services you attend or have attended prior to Covid-19, and some questions about your well-being. The survey should last about 45 minutes, and will be shorter in Week 6 and 12. If you are aged 65+, caring for a loved one with dementia (who either lives at home or in a care home), OR if you live with dementia, then we would like to hear from you. Dr Clarissa Giebel from the University of Liverpool is leading this study. When you take part, you will either be send the link to the survey via email, or one of the research team members will hold the survey with you over the phone at a date and time that suits you. If you are interested, please let someone from our team know email or call 0151 237 2669 and leave a message or please contact Dr Giebel directly either via email ( or via telephone (078 243 576 79). These downloads will help you find out more Information Sheet Family carers Information Sheet People with dementia

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