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Dementia Action Week

Dementia Action Week is a national event that sees the public coming together to take action to improve the lives of people affected by dementia.
Hear at tide we will be sharing the experiences of family carers of people with dementia and providing information on events that are relevant as well as signposting you to resources.

Take Action on Dementia

This dementia action week we want to encourage all of you who care about the rights of carers to take a stand. We want to bring about real change for carers. You are stronger with us and we are stronger with you.

  • Together we are stonger – Join our network and tell your friends about us. Dementia doesn’t just affect individuals. Entire families can feel the weight of this diagnosis. We want to extend tide membership to anyone affected by dementia; you may not think of yourself as a carer but if you know someone with dementia. You can join our network  as an individual or as a family. Together can take action on dementia. Join tide for free
  • Be part of the discussion: Your voice is important. Have you been to one of our events yet?
  • Action on Rare Dementia: You said you needed more support for rare dementia. We started a rare dementia carers focus group where you can meet with other carers who share similar experiences.
  • We asked carers to write stories for us on the theme of Taking Action. Have a read of Linda’s and Diana’s.
  • Have you heard we created a Carer’s Handbook with the help of carers in Northern Ireland? Have a read here
  • We have joined forces with other organisations to demand social care reform. Please read, sign & share the petition here.
  • We recognise that so much valuable support comes from the community. One of the best ways to bring about change is to get organised. Ever wondered about setting up a local community group? This can be for support, activities or to apply for funding. Have a read of our  Handout for Setting up Local Support Groups 2021

Fundraise for us 

tide is a UK-wide network connecting carers and former carers of people with dementia to create real change together.


Watch tide Patron Jean Tottie talk about carers in a webinar hosted by Ethex called Who cares for the carers?

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