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Dementia Strategy without the jargon

Many authorities across the UK have adopted the 5 themes of the NHS England ‘well’ pathway for Dementia has been adopted as a framework for many local and regional strategies.

The Minds and Voices group has also provided a set of ‘one-liners’ that simplify a lot of the jargon embodied in such strategies and they are here below:

Preventing Well – Listen to us to talk freely and without fear across schools and communities to break the taboo and myths about dementia.

Diagnosing Well - Listen to us, give us a personalised diagnosis, and bring hope through research.

Supporting Well, - Listen to us, let us learn amongst equals to meet our needs, not what others think we want

Living Well - Listen to us, support us to live as well as we can and to forge our own pathways.

Dying Well – Have you been listening?

Let us know your thoughts on this .You can send us any of your reflections on dementia strategies or plans in your area.

Who are they aimed at?

Who is creating them?

Are they full of impenetrable jargon?

Are they ‘living’ documents or a one-off document showing only the next turn in the road? 

How accessible are they? 

Tell us what you think 

Thanks to Dementia Voices for sharing this information with us You can visit their website here. 

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