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Influencing and Making a Difference - Here's How!

Do you or a group you are part of, want to Challenge, Change or Influence on issues affecting you and the person you care for?

When you have someone in your life diagnosed with dementia, it can feel like you are constantly navigating referrals to various medical and social work professionals.

This becomes even more challenging when you want to ask for services, complain or you want to influence change in the system. The situation can get complicated and confusing, because we need the right info to speak to the right people to influence change.

This workshop will give you ideas and advice on how to start Influencing and Making a Difference, we’ll discuss, Who, Where, When and How.

This workshop will look at;

• The health and social care system and how to find your way through it

• Understanding Carers Rights to be involved and which legislation and policy is relevant

• What is “engagement” and “consultation”

• Exploring issues you may want to Challenge, Change or hope to Influence on

• The routes and platforms you or your group can use to get your voices heard and speak out


26 Apr 2023


10:00 - 12:00



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