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Know Your Rights: An Easy Guide from The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales is an independent voice and champion for older people across Wales, standing up and speaking out on their behalf. She works to ensure that those who are vulnerable and at risk are kept safe and ensures that all older people have a voice that is heard, that they have choice and control, that they don’t feel isolated or discriminated against and that they receive the support and services they need. The Commissioner's work is driven by what older people say matters most to them and their voices are at the heart of all that she does. We all have rights. Your rights are important and understanding them can help you ensure you are treated fairly and not discriminated against. This guide sets out the rights that older people have in a range of key areas, such as employment, healthcare and housing, as well as making clear the rights older people have to be treated with dignity and respect, to be involved in decisions that affect their lives and to be safeguarded and protected. The booklet also includes details of organisations that can provide older people with help, support and advice relating to their rights.  

"We are delighted to hear the Older People’s Commissioner’s commitment to driving improvements in services and support for older people, by enabling and empowering to know and exercise their rights and entitlements. Having met with the Commissioner recently, I know this is a mission we share, and one we are working towards with our Carers Development Programme." Anna Gaughan, Chief Executive, tide.

Download the guide on the Older People’s Commissioner’s website. 

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