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Life After Death -Charities call for new deal for carers in Scotland

We are pleased to have supported a  collaboration between Marie Curie, Sue Ryder and the Reform Scotland think tank in producing a new report which calls for major changes in the support offered to carers after the person they have cared for dies. The report, Life After Death - supporting carers after bereavement recommends 5 policy proposals:
  1. Post-carer support plan - A holistic package of coordination and support for carers to prepare for life after the death of the person they were caring for, starting during the ‘living grief’ phase before a bereavement takes place
  2. National helpline - Particularly targeted at those caring for people with dementia or terminal illness, who are coping with the living grief of watching their loved one’s health diminish
  3. Training and education fund - Carers may have been out of work for many years as a result of their role - this is specifically aimed at smoothing the path to re-enter employment
  4. Post-caring support payment - A new payment to support a carer after the bereavement, working together with the training and education fund, in particular
  5. Signposting - A new pack for GPs and other key individuals to offer to carers, giving them the full set of information about the help available to them
Amanda Mccarren, Head of tide Development and National Lead for (Scotland and Northern Ireland) said, Time and time again we work with carers who tell us of the issues they have when caring for someone, the living grief they experience as a carer as well as the huge emotional and financial impact a caring role has on their life. We welcome the recommendations made in this report.
Download the Report You can read more about the project here.

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