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Life Story Work

Life Story Work

Life story work is fundamentally about understanding what life that person has had, what their life is now and their wishes for the future. It’s an activity in which the person with dementia is supported by family members to gather and review their past life events and build a personal biography. It is used to help the person understand their past experiences and how they have coped with events in their life.

It is a useful tool for anyone to assist someone who is caring for a person with dementia as it gives an idea of who they are.

We have developed an easy-to-use guide:

Download Life Story Guide

Lockdown has been challenging for us all. Particularly for people who are looking after someone. Life Story Network have developed a resource to support those who care and who are cared for.

Please take a look at the resource below and share with anyone who you feel would benefit:

Life Story Work in Lockdown

"I found my mum again. I was having difficulty talking with her. Now we’re smiling and laughing instead of me leaving her and crying.”

- Family Carer

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