Living grief and bereavement sessions: book your free place now

“Losing the person you love and care about while they are still with you is heart-breaking, exhausting, devastating, overwhelming, upsetting, and you find yourself grieving each and every day”

Tide is working on a meaningful and exciting project about feelings of grief and bereavement you can experience when caring for a person with dementia. Grief and bereavement are usually associated with death and dying but we know that you can experience these when the person you’re caring for is still living. You can grieve the life you used to have or the future you had imagined. You can grieve the loss of the relationship you had or your sense of self. You can experience what feels like a constant cycle of grief during various transitions in the dementia journey. When the person you’ve been caring for dies you can experience a myriad of feelings. This grieving process can be complex and you might not feel like the people around you understand what you’re going through.

That is why we want to start opening up this conversation. We are producing various resources in the hope to raise awareness about these complex feelings and take away some of the stigma you might be experiencing. This includes two booklets. One for other carers, so they won’t feel so alone and know others are going through similar feelings. The other booklet is for professionals, so they can get an understanding of what carers can go through and can support you better.

We need your help and input to create the content of these resources. That’s why we’re hosting various sessions throughout the country. These sessions will be facilitated by tide staff so you feel safe to share your experiences and structured so you can contribute in a constructive and meaningful way. The sessions are for carers or former carers. This means you can share without feeling judged – they know what you’re going through. Every contribution and experience shared will be completely anonymised and will only be used with your explicit consent.

Join us at the first round of sessions:

Newmains Community Trust
Wednesday 28th of August 10am-1pm (followed by lunch)
Wednesday 28th of August 6pm-8.30pm

East End of Glasgow
Thursday 29th of August, 10am-1pm (followed by lunch)

Glasgow City Centre
Thursday 29th of August 6pm-9pm

Tuesday 10th of September 10am-1pm (followed by lunch)

Other sessions TBC

If you can’t make any of these sessions but would still like to contribute we can arrange a phone call or you can email your thoughts to We will also send out an online survey that you can answer.

You can register for the session of your choice by visiting the Eventbrite page. Spaces are limited so please book in advance. You can also get in touch via email or phone. We will pay your expenses to attend and can cover replacement care as well. Please get in touch to discuss this.