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National Day of Reflection - one year on

Today marks one year since lockdown began, the world changed overnight and we have all heard horror stories of the traumas people have endured. Today is about reflecting on the people who have died and their familes. We also want to share what has happened to people who care for someone with dementia, the impact of lockdown was immediate.  From daycare centres closing their doors to people being given 30 minutes notice that there carers for the day would not be coming in. We asked  -  "As a carer of someone with dementia if you could have known what was going to happen, what would you have told yourself a year ago?" Here are the replies.

Take him home whilst you still can. Dad only went into care a couple of months before lockdown. If I’d known he would become a prisoner for over 12 months I would have taken him home, moved in with him and given up my job. Breathe. Don’t worry about work so much. Ask questions. Appreciate the time left. A day at a time If I knew that covid would take my dad a year in april...I wouldve told myself, more you've cared for years with expertise, learned new ways of communicating, made every moment count. That will matter hugely when grieving. No regrets at all. Get her out of there right now Do not trust the care system. From the people who decided to suspend care packages at home, day care, respite care, to the bedclearing hospitals & the nursing/care homes who just don't care. A masterclass in how to break families supporting a loved one with #dementia
Nothing. I knew it was coming and I did prepare ....But. A whole year. I didn’t expect that. We’ve managed all the logistical stuff - food and other supplies- it’s the huge damage it has done to our people living with dementia - I wasn’t prepared or ready for the dramatic deterioration - or the lack of access to basic things like dentists, loss of face to face consultations with doctors to receive a diagnosis. The lack of follow ups, face to face, to monitor progress, annual health checks, etc. What would I have done differently or told myself? I honestly don’t know, because it has been so far out of my control.
Nothing I would never have believed it. I thought we’d be over in 6 weeks
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