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Carer Development Programme

Carer Development Programme

We have developed a series of online events that are designed to help you on your caring journey. From understanding your own emotional well-being to improving your confidence in advocating for your own needs and the needs of the person you care for. We have the information and advice you need on caring for someone with dementia. We also have events which help you understand different aspects of dementia, what your loved one maybe experiencing and how best to support them. These sessions have been co-produced with current and former carers with lived experience. 

Introduction to tide

Find out about what we do and how you can get involved, you can meet and hear from carer members across the UK and find out more about what they have done with tide.  

You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup

You will be looking at your own emotional wellbeing and how to look after it both throughout any involvement with tide and beyond. Talking about our own experiences or what is happening in our own lives is an extremely emotive process and this workshop aims to help understand the triggers and will give you key practical tools to use both throughout any activities with tide and in every day life. 

Getting Your Point Across – Ask, Negotiate, Advocate

We often hear from carers that they feel that they have to battle for the support they need. You may need advocate on behalf of yourself or the person you care for. This can be overwhelming and feeling emotional or frustrated can be a barrier to being heard. We will take you through some strategies to help you be prepared for these conversations and to help you get your point across effectively.

Living Grief and Bereavement

When caring for someone with dementia you can experience feelings of grief and bereavement when the person is still living.  There is little awareness, acknowledgment or understanding about feelings of grief and bereavement when a person is still living – but when you care for someone with dementia, loss does not just mean loss of life…

Influencing and Making a Difference - Here's How 

When you have someone in your life diagnosed with dementia, it can feel like you are constantly navigating referrals to various medical and social work professionals. This becomes even more challenging when you want to ask for services, complain or you want to influence change in the system. The situation can get complicated and confusing, because we need the right info to speak to the right people to influence change.

Sharing Your Lived Experience

These workshops will help you share your caring journey and experiences with other carers, health and social care professionals, key stakeholders and the wider general public. You will develop the essential attitudes, knowledge and skills to deliver effective presentations, giving your message impact and overcoming nerves.

Preparing You For Getting Involved in Research

This is an informative session about taking part in research related to dementia. Unpaid carers are often approached to participate in research. We find that many members have questions about what it would mean to be involved in research and what they would be expected to contribute. We want to help our members to make informed decisions about taking part in research, and to
understand more about what the process involves.

Dementia Delirium and Depression

This session covers the inter-relationship between dementia, delirium and depression. How important the early identification of delirium and depression for people living with dementia is. We will also discuss how to ask for the right treatment and support.

Adapting Your Living Environment

This webinar helps you identify changes and adaptations you could make in your home and other settings which may help and support the person with dementia you are caring for. We share changes other carers have made in their homes and top tips for a dementia inclusive home.

Purposeful Activity

In this event we share how activities at home can help the person you care for feel safe, settled and more comfortable. We’ll talk about how behaviours can change as dementia progresses, especially over the winter months and provide hints and tips to help ensure the person you care for is occupied and engaged.

Communication and Dementia

When communication starts to break down and we are not heard or able to understand what is being said, it can be a source of anxiety and frustration, and dementia will only compound this. In this webinar, we explore how dementia can impact communication, its impact and some hints, tips that could help you and your loved one.

Life Story Work

This event helps you understand how Life Story Work can help people with dementia stay connected with family, friends and communities. Life Story Work is the process of stimulating and capturing people’s stories about what matters to them – in the past, present and the future. We share the importance of Life Story Work as an ongoing process and not just a document. We’ll
talk about everyday personal use and sharing with professionals.

Setting up Peer Support Groups

Sharing your thoughts, feelings and experiences with other people who are going through something similar can be powerful and can motivate you to use your skills or experiences to be creative and make a difference in your local community. The idea of creating your own support group can be daunting, especially if you already have a full-time job, family and caring responsibilities. However, it can provide a release and a purpose which can improve your sense of well-being and help others. This workshop shares examples from carers who have done it themselves and gives advice on how to get started, format, structure, benefits, challenges and top tips

“It is good to have recognition of the caring role and to feel connected with others who may have similar experiences and feelings. It is also inspiring to know that there may be ways to use our experiences in a constructive way to help others and to make changes for the future."

- Carer and tide member 

"Attending these sessions has given me perspective and hope that there will be a way forward. There is always support available in one form or another. As a carer we share our own unique challenges but by sharing experiences we can support one another and know that we are not alone."

- Carer and tide member

CDP flyer

You can find all our Carer Development Programme online sessions on our events page and click the 'Carer Development Programme'. 

  Watch this short animation by Saltways about carers who have attended our Carer Development Programme!