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A Simplified Guide to Dementia Drugs

A Simplified Guide to Dementia Drugs

The world of medication can be complicated and difficult to wrap your head around.  As an unpaid carer, you are expected to become a lawyer, a nurse, a doctor (amongst many other things). These expectations can feel like they happen overnight. Carers shouldn't feel like they are having to desperately seek information to help them understand their situation. This is why we teamed up with Aisling O'Neill (4th Year Neuroscience Student at The University of Manchester) who has created this simplified guide to dementia drugs  

You can watch the recorded presentation from guest speaker Aisling O'Neill explaining the drugs available to treat dementia in simple terms and providing you with the tools for how you can find out more about them. The presentation breaks down what drugs are available to patients and at what stages you would expect them to be used. Aisling goes into greater detail about how these drugs affect the brain and can ease symptoms of dementia. 

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The presentation is also available as a handout which is available to download here

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Aisling O'Neill is a 4th Year student studying Neuroscience at The University of Manchester