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tide 2021 Manifesto for the Scottish Parliament Election: Make Carers Count

Make carers count is the overwhelming ask from the members of tide. Unpaid carers of people living with dementia require urgent action to address the many challenges they face. Unpaid carers –usually family or friends of the person with dementia - are the largest “workforce” in dementia care, saving the UK economy at least £13.9 billion a year. Without the dedication, commitment and significant sacrifice of these carers the whole care economy would simply collapse.

The pandemic has seen a rise in almost 400,000 new carers in Scotland, taking the total number to just over 1 million. Their contribution running into the millions every month that lock down restrictions continued and they remained invisible with little or no support.

It is vital that their contribution is recognised and respected and they are treated as equal partners in care alongside professionals by the next Scottish Government

Tide are calling on all candidates to take this opportunity to answer their ask - make carers count!

You can read the manifesto here: tide's 2021 Manifesto

How can you help?

Your voice matters. If you agree with the priorities outlined in the manifesto you can support this by...

  • Retweeting our tweets about the 2021 Manifesto: Make Carers Count on our twitter page
  • Send your own Tweet or Facebook post to your local Member of Scottish Parliament, asking them to support these pledges for unpaid carers. You could copy and paste the suggested post: I support tide's 2021 #Manifesto for #SP2021. It's vital we #MakeCarersCount by supporting these priorities: adequate and self-directed respite #RespiteIsARight, access to mental health care #MentalHealthMatters and start #ValuingCarers through better Carer's Allowance.
  • We also encourage you to write your own tweet or Facebook post and get involved in the conversation. Remember to tag us and use the hashtag #MakeCarersCount!
  • Send an email to your local Member of Scottish Parliament requested they support the 3 priorities outlined in the manifesto. You can find a draft email here: tide 2021 Manifesto MP letter. Not sure who your local MP is? Find out here!
  • You can always donate at our enthuse portal here. Or perhaps you would like to try fundraising for us? Raising money for tide helps us keep doing the work we are doing for unpaid carers across the UK. Thank you.

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