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tide helps shape the GP’s of the future

tide's carers helps shape the way that GP’s of the future interact with Patients and Carers of People with Dementia

 tide is currently working on an exciting pilot project in conjunction with Tracey Barker from North Derbyshire NHS trust, shaping the GP’s of the future and assisting with their training

Over the last 6 years, Tracey has worked as The Specialist Clinical Lead Nurse for the Dementia Rapid Response Team (South & City), having 31 years as an RMN in Older Adults mental Health working in various clinical areas for DHCFT. More recently she became the Older Adult Senior Educator (Dementia specific) for Nottingham Undergraduate Medical Students (year 4) for 3 days a week, as well as continuing in her DRRT clinical role.

One of her key roles as a Senior educator is to recruit and support the development of a group of ‘Patient & Carer Experts’ who have ‘Lived experience’ in Dementia.

  • Experience and living with a diagnosis of Dementia
  • Caring for/ Loving a person living with Dementia

The primary role of the ‘Patient & Carer experts’ individuals is to assist in developing the Medical students through educating them about how it feels to live with a Dementia diagnosis, and the impact positively or negatively on the carer/ loved one living with the person with Dementia, through the sharing of Patient & Carer knowledge and personal experiences.

The Expert actively participates in a discussion (interview with the medical student) for approx. 1.5 hours online. and eventually face-to-face (according to COVID restrictions).

The medical student will ask the Expert questions, with the aim being that they would develop their communication skills, self-awareness, understanding and knowledge of Dementia, Empathy and Compassion from a humanistic perspective (understanding how it feels for the Patient & carer) without purely focussing on diagnosis or treatment options.

The overall feedback received from Nottingham University has overwhelmingly highlighted the importance of these interviews, in the development of a well-rounded Doctor, with patient and carer inclusion engagement being a high priority for Derbyshire healthcare Foundation Trust inclusion.

These sessions are in accordance with the Patient or Carer Expert’s availability, without the pressure of attendance or commitment.

Currently medical students currently only receive 5 weeks of Older Adult Mental health experience/ placement throughout their 8 years of training, and as such this programme is so important in supporting improved practice and Dementia awareness in the future medic generations to come.

This is a pilot project but if it is successful,  it can be rolled out across the country

This programme is so important in supporting improved practice and Dementia awareness in the future medic generations to come.

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