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Tips from carers on keeping well in the heatwave

We asked some of our carers how to keep the person they look after comfortable during the heatwave. Here are their tips:

  • Every hour offer a cold drink, cool shower, cold foods - such as salads
  • Have a drinks dispenser filled with weak squash as a visual reminder. Make morning coffee, and afternoon tea - put structure in the day
  • Open the windows and close the curtains/blinds
  • Seedless grapes are a healthy source of fluid
  • Put cold drinks in see-through containers (preferably not glass) so that it’s obvious that there is something in them and also so that you can easily keep an eye on the levels
  • Keep water and a flavoured drink available at all times
  • Try ice lollies for a different way to hydrate. Often brings back childhood memories too.
  • I put a fan with my husband and dressed him in lighter clothes, also kept a few ice lollies or ice cream
  • Play around with drinks temperature. Maybe he likes it ice cold but maybe he doesn't... experiment!
  • My husband is housebound and has to wear tena pants all the while he wears pyjama bottoms for loose cool and ease of access

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