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Vaccination roll out to care homes - 4 December 2020

The Department of Health and Social care have written to care homes [for older adults], local authority chief executives and directors of adult social services about the roll-out of the Vaccination programme. You can read the full letter here Care home staff are being vaccinated first, then the residents. The responsibility to gain consent for the vaccines has been given to the care homes, this is the relevant extract from the letter

take steps now to ensure that staff understand need for obtaining consent, so that they in turn can help residents and families to complete the necessary forms when a vaccine is ready to be delivered within a care home. Once issued, these forms will provide additional information about the vaccine they are receiving
We are working on a standardised consent form, as you will need to gain consent to vaccinate as and when we get it to care homes. When we release this form and guidance, please use it to gain consent. You may want to start talking to residents and their families now about the vaccination.
This is a decision you will need to be involved in and we recommend you start these conversations with the care homes now so there is no delay in consent. This is especially relevant for those with Lasting Power of Attorney for health and welfare.
For the latest advice on care homes please visit our resource page   

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