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We held a Together for Carers event in North Wales

A few weeks ago we held a Together for Carers event in Anglesey which was kindly funded and co-organised by Virginia Crosbie, MP for Ynys Mon. This event was a chance to bring people who care for a loved one together to share their caring experiences with each other.

Caring can be a very isolating experience. That is why it is so important carers seek help from each other. Sharing with someone who shares a similar experience to you and can understand your situation is so important.


A wonderful carer and member, Mary, shared her caring experience with the group. She read a poem ‘Who Am I’ (which you can find on the right of the page). This is beautiful poem about  the progression of her husband’s dementia – a slow disappearing and then the sense of loss of self and identity afterwards.

This event was also a chance for local organisations to share their services with unpaid carers. Support and services from community organisations or charities can be a lifeline to carers. Attendees got to know a little more about tide and how they could be involved through a brief introduction from our Co-Founder and Chair, Ruth Eley. We believe in the importance of connection, confidence building and giving carers the opportunity to change and influence local and national legislation and dementia policy.


We also shared videos submitted from various organisations based in Wales. Dr Catrin Hedd Jones Dementia Studies Lecturer at Bangor University she thanked tide members “who’ve been with us at the University sharing their experiences face to face with our Post Graduate students studying for their Masters in Dementia their stories certainly make an impact and genuinely appreciate you taking the time out of your busy lives to share your experiences with our students and researchers”. 

Alison Johnston, Programme Manager for Dementia, Welsh Ambulance Service. She thanked tide members for their co-production on a Podcast for their staff and their involvement in sharing their caring journey with Paramedic students at Swansea University. 

We were so grateful for this opportunity to bring carers together and allow them the space to talk freely about their experiences and concerns. One carer told us, "I felt as though a prison door had been opened and I was given a glimpse of an albeit different, route to freedom". 


Who Am I - A poem by Mary Mitchell.

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