Young Onset Dementia

We spoke with carers about their experiences of young onset dementia. We have partnered with Youngdementia UK who are now part of  Dementia UK to highlight our survey findings. There were four main areas;

  1. The need for support
  2. Impact on relationships
  3. Financial implications
  4. Loss

There are over 40,000 people living with young onset dementia in the UK (classed as diagnoses before the age of 65)  A diagnosis at any age of dementia can be devastating, other issues can be added  when the person is younger.


“Being only 53 when my husband was diagnosed, I feel we have missed out on that part of life when the children have left home and we can explore, holiday and generally re-connect. But on a more basic level, I have lost my husband- I can no longer chat with him about anything, I can’t share my concerns, or share the joys, for example our daughter getting married. It is incredibly lonely even though we are together 24/7”


The full report can be downloaded

Young Onset Report

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Carer of Young Onset Dementia 

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