Welcome to our Covid-19 hub, you can find out more about the activities we are doing during this time. We are keeping our Resource Page updated with information and guidance as we find it.



Keeping Carers Informed

• We will continue to source additional information so that any changes in legislation or policy are communicated to carers and former carers. tide members can receive this information via the newsletter. You can join the mailing list when you click on the Join Us tab

• Information from partner organisations will be featured on our website but if you would like information relating to your local area, we can put you in touch with one of our Carer Involvement Leads, please contact us


Connecting Carers

Would you like to connect with other members in our network?

For details on how we can help you to do that please click here

• We will continue to share the experiences of carers through our social media channels and website. If you would like to share your experiences please do so on our Facebook and Twitter, our closed Facebook Group or contact  tide
• We have a Whatsapp group to connect and support BAME carers in Rochdale. For further information or to join this group, please click here



Enabling Carers to influence policy, research and practice

• We are working alongside researchers at the University of Liverpool, and many other social care and social support organisations, looking at how the lives of people with dementia and family carers are affected by the closure of social support services due to Covid-19, you can read about the research here

• You can read more about our research here

• As always, we will respond to consultations and changes to policy and legislation in sharing the experiences of carers and former carers. Details of our latest work can be found in the news section here


Online Learning Sessions

We are currently running workshop sessions online and hope that you will enjoy meeting and connecting with other tide carer members as well as taking part in activities where you will learn more about tide and have the opportunity to expand your own skills and knowledge.

For more information on our Online Learning Sessions and find out how to register please click here.


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