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Moving Forward

A guide for families and relatives involved in or supporting someone to move into a care home

Carers have shared with us making the decision to move someone into a care home is an extremely hard decision to make. With carers, we have created a toolkit to assist you through this process; Moving Forward, a guide for families and relatives involved in or supporting someone to move into a care home. 

Moving Forward was named, developed and created by families who have gone through the journey of a loved one moving into a care home.

This resource has been the result of a review of the original tool kit that was used in the restoring relationships project. Its aim is to create a new resource, which supports families and relatives who have not yet made a decision, or just have, made a decision, about their loved one moving into a residential care home setting.

The work was carried out with input and collaboration from tide carer members. It was decided that one document was beneficial for both the carers and professionals employed in the care home sector. The resource is called 'Moving Forward' and offers support around the following:

• Prepare and work your way through making a decision
• What to think about when choosing a care home
• The creation of a Family Involvement Plan which assists in building a partnership with care home staff
• How to create and maintain safe spaces and safe conversations
• Support understanding and management of living grief
• Self care following spending time with a loved one.

Download the toolkit. 

This is phase 2 of our Restoring Relationships work which was commissioned by the Scottish Government. You can access the Restoring Relationships toolkits here

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