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Families and Relatives

As the global pandemic took hold families felt a physical and emotional separation from their relatives living in care homes. There was a disconnection of relationships, love and support for a sustained amount of time and families and relatives experienced a sudden void in their lives where the person used to be and all that went with loving and caring for them. The use of “visitor” status and the provision of “visits” left families feeling that the love, connection and vital care they usually share with their relative living in the care home got lost. Restrictions led to them feeling excluded and not as involved as the normally would be. Your relationships with your loved ones and the care home staff and managers may need some support.

Care Home Staff and Managers

Care Home Staff and Managers have also experienced a huge range of emotions, loss and change whilst ensuring the safety of the residents they care for. It has not been easy and many of you have endured long periods of pressure, worry, stress and anxiety. You have all felt this physically and emotionally too, many of you spoke about the worry of relationships with families being stripped away or struggling to build new relationships as you haven’t been able to get to know families the way you normally would. It has been extremely difficult, challenging and with high levels of uncertainty and fear of what is to come – your relationships with families and relatives may need some support.

The  toolkits focus on different areas of communication and relationships with lots of practical hints and tips designed to support you to take the first steps to improve and renew your relationships. Some of the things the toolkits will help you to do are;

  • Introduce a Family Involvement Plan – which recognises families shared history and the importance and equal value of their care

  • Create and maintain safe spaces and safe conversations with families and relatives

  • Communicate with families in different ways

  • Understand different points of view – what you wanted each other to hear

  • Approach and understand feelings connected to the unresolved grief and loss that families have experienced

tide has created two Recovering Relationships toolkits, one for families and relatives and one for care home staff and managers. These toolkits are for anyone who knows someone living in a care home in Scotland or for anyone who works with care providers in Scotland.

Find out more about our follow-on project 'Moving Forward'

Download the Restoring Relationships Toolkit for Families & Relatives Here

Download the Restoring Relationships Toolkit for Staff & Management Here

You can watch the recorded webinars below:

Watch Restoring Relationships for Family & Relatives

Watch Restoring Relationships for Staff & Management

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Order copies of the Tool Kits

You can also order physical copies of the toolkits for personal use to be delivered directly to you. Please contact Ray at Please state which version of the tool kit you would like (family & friends or staff & management) and how many copies you need.

Are you part of an organisation? Here’s how you can get involved

You can download our promotional pack with materials to promote the tool kits via social media channels or mailing lists:

Restoring Relationships Promotional Pack