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Link and Learn with Alz Scot

Link and Learn with Alz Scot

Welcome to our Link and Learn webinar series hosted in partnership by Alzheimer Scotland and tide.

The series was the first of its kind and an opportunity to come together and offer carers and former carers of people with dementia a series of four themed webinars where they were able to meet and connect with each other and learn about a variety of topics.

This guide will provide you with the link to view the recording of each webinar, a copy of all the slide presentations used by our guest speakers and some accompanying downloadable PDF’s with relevant information relating to each webinar

If you would like to find out any additional information about or contact Alzheimer Scotland then please click on the following link to take you to their website

Alzheimer Scotland -

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Communication within Families, Relationships and Dementia

Communication and the ways that you are used to communicating with your loved one with dementia will undoubtedly change and it can be difficult to know what to do and what to say. It can also be hard to accept that some of these changes will be permanent and will mean making adjustments and learning new ways to approach your communication. This webinar explores different aspects of communication and includes the story of one carer as she talks about her relationship and communication with her husband and the impact Dementia had

Watch the recording of webinar

Links to presentation slides from speakers:

Norman Williamson (Dementia Advisor)

Angi Inch (Dementia Advisor)

Meaningful Activities and Connection when caring for someone with Dementia

As a person’s dementia progresses and there abilities change or deteriorate it can be difficult to know what kind of activities to do with the person that will be engaging and achievable for both of you. Many carers struggle to come up with new ideas of what to try and so this webinar explores a variety of options including the more practical every day activities around the home as well as more themed activities that are aimed at sparking the connection between you.

Watch the recording of the webinar 

Links to presentation slides from speakers:

Elaine Hunter (National Allied Health Professions Consultant, Alzheimer Scotland)

Cara Rooney (Support Worker, Alzheimer Scotland)

Caring for someone living in a care home

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown restrictions had an immeasurable impact on people living in care homes and their families and relatives as they were unable to see or connect with each other physically for upwards of 12 months in many cases. This webinar features information from two key projects that Alzheimer Scotland and tide are leading on in an effort to help to support people living in care homes and their families

Watch the recording of the webinar

Links to presentation slides from speakers:

Lorna Hart Thomson (Action on Rights Team, Alzheimer Scotland)

Amanda McCarren (tide, Restoring Relationships)

Download the Restoring Relationships Tool Kits 

Building Confidence for Carers Coming Out Of Lockdown

Many carers of people with dementia have found themselves feeling more isolated and alone than ever before. They have bore the brunt of lockdown restrictions and been left to carry on with little or no support. As we come out of lockdown many carers are feeling anxious and worried about what the future holds. This webinar explores those feelings and looks at types of support available including a new counselling service from Alzheimer Scotland, hints and tips from tide’s Empty Cup sessions and advice from a carer explaining her experience through lockdown and what has helped

Watch the recording of the webinar

Links to presentation slides from speakers:

Shereen McFadden (Counsellor, Alzheimer Scotland)

Amanda McCarren (National Lead for tide in Scotland)

You Can't Pour from an Empty Cup: 

Gratitude Journal

Free Write Journal

Self Affirmation