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About us

Bethan Morris

Development Officer – Wales/Cymru 

There are approximately 32,000 unpaid dementia carers in Wales – 66% of these carers say that their physical health has been affected by caring while 70% said that their emotional wellbeing has been affected. Tide wants to improve wellbeing and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, increase confidence to enable unpaid carers to deal directly with health and social care professionals and encourage carers to influence legislation and improve government guidelines to shape the role of the unpaid carer. I am a Welsh speaker and I feel passionately that people living with dementia have the right to be assessed and supported through the medium of Welsh. I also believe that the voices of carers of people living with dementia need to be heard. The best way to communicate this is to allow carers to share their stories so everyone can understand the skills that looking after someone with dementia entails. I would like to enable carers to recognise their own value and influence change.

About Bethan…

I worked for Carers Outreach Service in North Wales for over 10 years and have experienced enormous satisfaction working alongside carers, many of whom were supporting someone living with dementia. I have also been involved with the CFAS (Cognitive Function and Ageing Studies) research project led by the Dementia Services Development Centre at Bangor University and I travelled across North Wales visiting people in both the community and in care homes. Prior to this, I worked for the BBC in North Wales.

I enjoy interacting with people and have come to realise that everyone has their own individual life story and their experience is unique to them. Furthermore my ability to speak Welsh has enabled me to build a close and solid relationship with families who feel more at home conversing in Welsh.