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Mary Mitchell

tide Advisory Group Member

About Mary

I am a member of the tide advisory group ( TAG). I have been a member of tide for many years and joined after my husband received a diagnosis of Alzheimer's and mixed dementia....I was totally at a loss and completely out of my depth, not knowing how to move forward and best support my husband as a carer. Tide has given me so much support, knowledge and skills which carried me through the most difficult time of my life. My confidence grew in my ability to care, and sharing our  story as part of training initiatives has encouraged me hugely and has developed a thirst in me to use my voice to improve the lot of the unpaid carer of people living with dementia. Being a member of tide has opened the door to so many opportunities locally and nationally to plead the plight of the unpaid carer...
Another huge benefit of tide is being connected with other people in similar circumstances, supporting each other and developing lasting friendships. My husband passed away two years ago, however my enthusiasm for being involved in the vital work of tide is undiminished.